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Working in the UK


Working in the UK


Generally speaking, the better English, the better job. However, the reality is a bit different... Some kinds of BEST JOBS are just for local people and you have to be really important person in the specific field. Other people (especially by jobs in the public sector) are struggling with acknowledgement of various certificates, degrees and diplomas gained in their own countries... On the contrary if you have got any English certificates, courses a.s.o you have got much better chance to find a „better“ job. Additionally you have got the better choice the longer you live in the UK, if you possess home landline a.s.o. Similar problems occure by looking for a "worse" job as a consequence of overpopulation... there are many people coming from the Eastern Europe, especially Poles, Lithuanians a.s.o. Surely the worst situation for finding a job is during summer holiday (July, August) as a consequence of business slow down. Just in this year period many students come to look for a summer job... On the contrary the most suitable time for jobsearch is occuring before Christmas. The reason is that many companies start to miss their long term employees exactly during Yuletide, This happens typically in the post service, in the supermarkets, pubs a.s.o, other companies react before Christmas to higher run on the goods, products and services by hiring new employees a.s.o. Advertisement break: Serving to people? Royal Mail! Interested? British post in the hands of skilful Czech people, we say Hello to Ája!


Minimum wages

Minimum wages in the UK is determined by the law. It is the pre-tax wages which you are entitled to get from the employer. If he gives you less, he breaks the law. The minimum wages interestengly fulfils its purpose. It means that it is sufficient for surviving here :-)! It is currently exactly £5,05/hour (minimum wages in the UK – October 2005). This cost of work is for Poles still high. They would gladly work even for less and pay more for rent !?!?!?!


The job search

Some people have got illusion of coming to the UK and taking whatever job the very next day. This doesn't fit with the reality at all – not only in the UK but probably wherever in the world takes job search some amount of time…, and the more in the UK (see the anomalies of the application forms…, armour with patience and prepare financial reserve which you will surely get back :-).


At the place

Looking for Job in the UK is quick if your employer sees your english residence, phone number etc. Usually you will find first information about jobs similarly to the Czech Republic in the newspaper, adverts on the Internet, from your friends, in the job centre, on the shopdoors (it doesnt have to apply only for vacancies in the given shop). Adviseble is to find local internet server of given city with adrerts usually aimed on the given region which you prefer a.s.o. After that you usually fill in the application form which you will take from the employer or he sends it through post to you (again delay), or else you fill in the "general application form" which you will get in the job centre and anyway you will deliver this back to the employer... It is advisable to send together with your application the copy of your CV as well (the best prepared at home). It is possible to answer some of the adverts via email as well! - oh what a progress! And than you are waiting for one day, two days ... slowly but surely you are forgetting you filled something in and suddenly you hear your phone ringing ... Yes, the phone connection is very important by searching job at the place! This is the most important channel of communication, you have to now how to "sell yourself", so you have to put your phone number on the application forms, on your CV, everywhere. Using phone as a reaction to the adverts is leading mostly to the positive results. More about using phone in the section Communication. If you are invited for an interview take it as a good sign. Quit often you will get an answer letter directly to your residence which you put in the application form and in the letter you will get to know if they invited you for an interview or not.


Personal agencies (local in the UK)

I advise you to look for job agencies. There are many of them in the normal city. However, there is one problem with this agencies - usually they supply the "temporary" labor to the companies. This is ideal to start with, however, you should be aiming to gain a "long term contract job". Inspite of that the agencies are very useful, because through them "go" many adverts ..., which dont get to the newspaper or job centre, often these are "quick jobs". The agencies know their clients and know how good or bad is their English, they are able to help - it is their job ...


Job Centre plus

Termiály v Job Centru

It is a state istitution established by the Departement work and pensions something like social departement ... All service here is for free and you have got the feeling they are trying to help you. It is useful to use local phones to contact your employer. This service is free of charge as well but I have got the feeling that it didnt work if you wanted to call to mobile phones neither calling between the cities. You can call just landlines of the employer in the given city. There are data terminals as well where you are able to browse for your wished type of advertisement and print it. You are able to get buroo after you have been working in the UK for 1 year. The National Insurance Number will be disposed here as well.


Looking for job from the Czech Republic

1. Eures - it is something like cooperation from the Labour exchanges. It is almost sure that you will get a job, the Labour exchange will care for accommodation and all the formalities. It is good but it would need much wider database of jobs from many fields. 2.Personal agencies in the Czech Republic, for example Czechia agency, Student agency and the like, you can use, but we would like to warn you if you would like to become an au-pair. We have got feedback that 2 people out of 5 are satisfied. So before you fly away you should get in touch with your family in the UK, you should discuss everything through either via email or phone. You should ask the family what you will be supposed to do in the family, how old are the nasty creatures (children), how big is the batch of horses! yes, indeed ... How often will the married couple excercise on the instruments! Will I have to drive the chicks and how far ..., if I wont be supposed to work more as a gardener in the estate. The village doesnt really have to be the best and remember that many people are leaving the UK "cured" and this literally! 3. To get in touch with the employer straight from your home (Czech Republic), way to the hell?



Ask in each your job (and this will be applied by us as well) for references!. It is usually companies A4 headed paper were your employer should briefly summarize your attitude to the finished work, on which position and for how long have you been working. Any english references in the UK are beyond price - they state that you were really working for an english employer and they bear witness to the authenticity of the completed application form, so not plenty of illusional babbles. Even though many employers hesitate to give you references maintain your claim. So you have got much better chance to be contacted from the new employer who yields precendece to you and not to plenty of other application forms! Generally speaking: the more references you have the easier you will get a job ... and this is in the UK very usuall that you often change a job - here is a speed life ...



Vacancies doesnt have to necessarily mean that the job is within reach. Vacancies are often applied to hotels – for example some hotel has got free rooms for guests ...


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