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The phone for job

The phone is necessity for success. Without phone in this quick area as UK is, you are almost lost. And not only that! Your employer shouldnt see any other phone number than the number for the UK which begins with 0. If you do not trust yourself and you think that you would make the situation worse for yourself, it is quite normal to ask your friend ...- the later communication face to face is a bit easier.


Calling your relatives

For making calls is advaisable to use only local network. If you use czech operator your calls and messages will be multiplied more expensive. Calling your relatives in the European countries is ALWAYS cheaper from the UK not the opposite. See speciale number two paragraphes below.


How to get phone

double backup

To get the SIM card form some local phone opeator is very simple. Just go to the supermarket and buy a SIM card. The price ist usually £10. At some small markets you can buy usually sundays and at the surroundings of cities your SIM card very cheaply it means for £3-5. You have to buy your credit as well, usually together with the SIM card you will get card similar to banko card whith which you will top up your credit ...for example at Tescos ...Minimum top up is for 10. Flat charge you can get directly in the shop of the operator, Vodafone UK, Orange, 02 UK ... similarly to the Czech Republic.


Useful phone informations

Mobile operator O2 UK offers service of calling to landline in european states during weekends (Saturday, Sunday) for 1 £/ 1 hour. This service is either on the number 08445700000 or 08444620620 after that „00420“ + number of the landline in the Czech Republic (do type the numbers together, do not separate for example with pause). It is useful to know the number of the police which is 999 and the number of emergency calls 112 should work out in all european zone. Landlines in the UK do start usually with 01 …. examples of prefixes: all numbers for Oxford 01865..., all numbers for Brighton 01273... a.s.o for example BMW Oxford secret number :) 01865824532.  Number for doing Worker Registration Scheme: 0114 259 6262 and information about National Insurance Card: 0845 915 7006


The Internet

Help yourself

In the field of Broadband connection to the Internet came in the UK to big boom (Wanadoo, NTL, Tesco Broadband). Common price for 512 kb for a month is about £17. On many places is possible to catch some wi-fi hot spot, although sometimes it is good to help yourself :-). Public libraries do offer except books some limited internet access free of charge as well for all people so you do not have to be a registrated bibliophil. This is usually for 15 minutes although you can book an later term for the whole hour as well. You can meet many people from Eastern Europe there ...


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