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Old good EnglandOld good England
How to get to EnglandOtevřít
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Anomaly, divergenceOtevřít
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England photosOtevřít
Food in the UKOtevřít
Working in the UKOtevřít


Old good England


Whatever is publicated on these internet pages can be truth or not. Also names of people, animals and etc. can be fiction or not. But there is no smoke without fire :-), so if something is truth than it is valid until the year 2006

What are we talking about?

This web content describes snares, which you can cope with in the UK (United Kingdom) first of all in part of "England", by travelling round the UK, work in and life in the England / United Kingdom. We published this kind of information in order to help to other in the UK adventure seeking people. Reasons, why people travel to this interesting and conspicuous country are different. Some of them want to improve their knowledge of English language, others want to have better recognition of English culture, others study there, many people come to England with the goal which constists in the improvement of their financial situation, and finally there is sort of people which has to earn much money in order to pay aliments :) enjoy it...

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