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Old good EnglandOld good England
Food in the UKFood in the UK


Food in the UK

The cuisine of the whole world

If you are keen to get to know the cuisine of the whole world there is no better place than to go to the UK to find inspiration. This is a multicultural land so you are able to taste food from various countries like India, Pakistan, Turekey, China and other. On the other hand you will find out that the Czech food is very special …, nobody knows the dark bread from the Czech Republic, apart from Czech dumplings. What is Czech dumpling – bread? I didnt have the smallest clue how to react on this. Despite of what is written in this section it is possible to eat in the UK normally and to adapt. In the supermarkets you can find very similar selection of food as we are used to from our country but you can find here bigger selection of cereals (corn flakes) because they are eaten by British people the most. British people say that smoked food is really meat, not some mix of soya and scraps, mustard is not tasty – this is not our mustard. Is said ….. but maybe you succeed to loose weight in the UK because the food is different, not too much, but different …

The date of consumption

On each product there are indicated two dates. „Display until“ - the day till the stores can show this product, usually it is less than „Best before“ - our date of minimum consumption – the date till which the product should be consumed. It is good to watch out for this date – this is prevention before mould (well tried).

The Czech bread

If you like the classic Czech bread than také with you so much as you can because there wont be bread like ours in the UK. Everything what is in the UK is something in between bread and roll. The most common is here the toast bread and everything similar to this. You can just dream about the hard bread crust from the Czech Republic if you succeed …. It is possible to buy in some national shops for example the  Lithuanian bread which is very similar to our bread but is a bit sweater. The following commodities is impossible to buy in the UK: the Czech bread – how else when it is Czech, o' *cottage * yeast just dried *wholemeal, medium ground (all are something like Bohemian flour) *kefir * breadcrumb *pockpudding *the problem is also poppyseed, it is nowhere to grind :-) *Very expensive are various spices, caraway-seeds a.s.o....

The Czech food

If you like Czech food a lot, very likely (surely) you are going to have existencional troubles :-). The first lack of the basic czech food and this means of „classical Czech bread“ you will get after two weeks, for some more resistant individuals after two months of stay. If you will be lucky and will be able to cook the clasiccal Czech speciality you will be asked from your landlord and defend the big consumption of gas, because they are not used to cooking like this in the UK so that is why the gas is more expensive than the electricity for supplying microwaves and toasters. In the worst case your landlord makes your rent higher because of your liking for cooking, because he has to pay high bills.

The English barbecue

Barbecue is in the UK very popular. Barbecue, grilling of anything, and this under the sky until it starts to rain:-). Usually people use special rack which they buy in the supermarket. They invite their friends, they chat, drink something, again you know …

The Indian food

The food coming from India is very hot. But is very varied, interestingly spiced (on the opposite to Middle Europeans) with cooked vegetables, for example with the red lentil coming from Turkey as side-dish. Very popular is „čapati“ (written in Czech way), which is the cake on the picture. It is similar to pancake, but usually it is disgustingly burned.

The Spanish food

The spanish bill of fare involves lots of vegetables and pastries. It is done on various way, cooked vegetables, mixed vegetables (something like mixed vegetable salad) with olive oil. It looked so healthy that it was impossible to eat …

The Chinese food

The preparation of chinese food is almost like ritual. Usually it means „quick-brief“. Flicking flames high over the power supply show respect which is exponentiated by the sloe-eyed creature under which skilful hands the cutlass cuts the bunch of broccoli till the fire is consumed. The Chinese cuisine is full of vegetables and sea beasts. Of course there cant be missing rice which will be buyed in bags (cca 10 Kg). The rice will be cooked in the special pot so not as in our country in the water … It wont surprise you that the food will be consumed with sticks called „chopsticks“.

Baked beans

This food is important because of two reasons: 1. it is unbeliavebly cheap (cheaper than in the Czech Republic) 2. It contains albumins which substitutes meat for a short time. But after you start to earn money you start to forget about beans which is well-tried :-). Beans come under support food and are in the offer of Tesco stores value or Sainsbury's basic food cca £ 0,13. The preparation including the opening of the tin-can and heating takes about three minutes.

Mini doughnuts

Mini doughnuts are in the UK very popular and that is why they are also very cheap £ 0,99 for ten pieces. So the price ist the same as in our country but English mini doughnuts are a bit smaller, much sugered, so caloric bomb so for novices ideal :-) = for few money a lots of music. They are sold in packages in ten or five pieces.

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