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England photos


Brighton is a magic, merry, romantic, winsome, glamorous, adventurous city, fabulous a little fanciful, entice from attention, middle city, attractive seaside town. Small historic centre – anyhow spectacular joined with shopping center, idela town for life... Whe played games "Blood" special levels: railway station, train and circus – so this is atmosphere of Brighton :-) and this thanks to Brighton pier...


Nice university city, is major centre of Oxfordshire. city consists except city centre with Cowley, Headington, Jericho, Botley a Sommertown. Historical centre is with a lot of parks on the suburb some of industrial zones. Whole city is influenced by students who arrive from all over the world and car producer BMW whe manufacture personal car Minicooper. Shopping can you make in WestGate shopping centre or in some of few supermarkets. In culture you can't miss out beautiful university museum of natural history which is in gothic building on the Parks Road and Ashmolean museum of archeology - and visit as usual are in England for free. Central library except books :-) (also local libraries) offers also access to the Internet for free (15 minut) or 1 hour when you book forward (usually 1-2 days - seet are booked somebody from east :).


Říká se "...kdo je znuděný Londýnem je znuděný životem..." tak jestli je to pravda... NE Londýn je pěkný, aleeeee trošičku (víc) "busy", ale NEE je nádherný :-) rozhodně stojí za návštěvu... Neměl(a) by jsi opomenout klasiky: Tower Bridge, Big Ben, rozhled na celé město ze St. Paul's katedrály, Buckingham Palace, House of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Národní galerii (vstup zdarma - na obrazy velikánu!) Westminster Abbey, londýnské metro a spousty dalších míst ... Jinak Londýn je hlavním městem Velké Británie (to ale asi všichni vědí :-)

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