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How to get to England



finger on the map

Travelling by car into England is very funny. Near Brno you have receive information, that we don't go to London as a concluded place, occasionally the car is in opposite direction on english route on the czech motor way I had feeling, that we are most on the left side of the route, and as one sally cant said was a preparation for driving car on the english routes :-) and for a long time played noisy Divoky Bill's music. Also if your's load or even passengers have no trust with immigration officers on the english border, can passengers invoke suspiciousness for everything even participating with maffia or terrorism!! :-) so be careful and freed!. England is a big country, if you decide to travel by card for work then car is essential. Driving on the left you can learn very quickly, dandy also with classic "european" driving Just be careful about road signalling of speeds, there aren't in km/h but in miles so fifty not fifty :-), note first anomaly which can meet in England when you travel by car. England has thick net of motorways, there are labeled as letter "M" with number (e. g.: M40) most of of motorways have minimal four-lanes, but around larger cities are much more lanes A lot of english cities have circumferential highway – it is motorway of fast way communication (carriage way) around whole city. Travel by card is fast, saving money (transport in england is generally very expensive – coaches, trains, city-buses) ... crossing are inside the cities, otherwise outside the cities are roundabouts If you want, or must have a driving license, let you exchange your czech EURO driving licence for english euro driving licence, it is just administrative procedure – just fill some application forms and send it with your czech driving license... Expenses for journey to UK (England part) is depend how many people will go in the car. if will be full car (four people), the price shouldn't get over 3000 CZK per person also when you buy more expensive ferry. Single path should be: Czech republic – Germany – Netherlands – Belgium coast. Interesting thing by this way is watch mobile phone to how many mobile operators you has received informations: E-Plus, KPN mobile Netherlands, Mohistar, T-Mobile UK, O2 UK, Vodafone UK, Orange etc. Generally not exists borders, so when you travel at night can just mobil determine approximate your position in the Europe – but of course only if you aren't a car driver :)



Ferry Oostende Belgium – Ramsgate

Most often ways to England go throught ferry from Calais to Dover which is the shortest narrow or longer way from Oostende to Ramsgate To the Calais is the best way go from Belgium namely the way next to coast – for this route is not necessary motorway fee. The Ferry is unforgettable experience – mainly for the reasons that we are an inlanders :-). We went from Oostende city to the Ramsgate, ferry was slow but went sure :-) four hours, so was also time for sleeping Ferry form Calais to Doveru teke abour 90 minutes Elapsed time travel by car is different, let's say about 1–2 days.


Ferry part two

Oostende Belgium - Sailboat

Ferry OostendeRamsgate was amazing experience (especially for us inlanders), something what is special, valuable and is not easy to write in words – you have to spend it. We go with whole car into body of ship LARKSPUR and we are permanent like a pin in a haycock. We go out from car, the stewards check our on-board ticket and direct us to higher floors of steam ship till we are on the top. The deck has multi floors with two big chimney, and there are also a lot of seats. Steamship clear the harbour direct according to ship table!?! still at 7:00 CET. At this moment we don't think to nothing else only what is happening around us. The ship is moving and we notice sunrice above the city Oostende, first of all coastal part. In the harbour are several beautiful sailboats, around transit cargo ship and some of steamboats which pendulate between England and Europe "Trans Europa Ferries". Sunrice glary harbour, scene, ships, steam go out of chimney and is stronger, boat clear the harbour and go to the open sea. City is loosing afar, blow quiet wind, in the sky are slight bunch of clouds. Nice sunny day on sea begin...



Megabus illustrative photo

Next possibility travel from the Czech rep. to the UK (principle only to London) is coach (bus). Entry points are different according to companies, most ofter starting points are Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Plzen and coaches go mostly to the London Victoria coach station (in czech jargoon is called Viktorka). Bus companies sell also open return ticket, where return date is not specified direct and you can specified this return date through phone about two days before you leaving England back to the Czech republic. On the UK phone will be voice some a slovak young lady. Some companies offer an marketing price 950 CZK to the London. But it is only marketing price no real price = conditions of this ticket is not satisfactory. So average price is about 1500 - 2000 CZK. Travelling time is about 19 hours (KLM) up to 26 hours, Transport companies are KLM - don't go through Netherlands, Student agency, Capital Express, Bohemia. Coaches are full of people, sometimes somebody open a bag with sausage and need to be open window for fresh air. Some of transport companies offer caffee or tea on a board which is included in ticket price e. g.: KLM, Student Agency.


Coaches between english cities


When you arrive to the Victoria station ("Viktorka") you will solve problem how can you get to other english city. Some coaches start journey from the GreenLine coach station which is next to Victoria coach station. If you read this article before you leave the Czech republic certainly visit web pages www.megabus.com this is address of Stagecoach UK company. Trasport comapany offer bus service between a lot of english cities. Is possible book travel tickets cheaper then in the Czech republic, but is necessary book and buy ticket forward and you don't forget come to specified BUS STOP and specified TIME! otherwise bus ticket is loss. You have to pay bus ticket in booking process throught their Internet pages by credit card or debet card opened for on-line transactions...


Channel Tunnel

In this time is Channel Tunnel in frot of bankruptcy. Huge losses, by reason of small demand of truck transport companies => they use more ferry transport then Channel Tunnel. Nevertheless the Channel Tunnel is the fastest way to get English land and take about 32 minutes.



England from airplane

Non ordinary experience are beautiful. Airplane belong to them at least by me. Orange lightnings in the dark black storm clouds, which pilot of plane fly over, huge cities in your open hand , white clouds of steam like loaf of ice cream rainbow you can see as circle not like arcus and more you can see when you decide travel by airplane to England Back to point of view, airplane is the "simplest" way go to and from UK. you are an european union member so after arrival they just check your personal identity card (with sense zone) and bye, if you have more then 2 cartons of cigaretes, don't worry. At departure they just probe your clothes like a jailbird, of course except money in your pocket they can't find anything else – we are not terrorists :-) The airplane is the fastest way (only one problem is waiting delay on airport) flying time is maximal two hours The cheapest destinations are airport Gatwick (south of London), and Stansted (north-east) less Luton (minimal airport) and Heathrow (expensive airport on the west of London, but has underground access, the biggest airport in the Europe). The cheapest air transport companies are EasyJet fly Prague-Stansted, Ryanair fly just from/to Brno-Stansted – it is ideal for Moravian people, of course they are in :-). For us are better EasyJet's aircraft – they are smaller... flight tickets low cost companies don't exist, you can buy flight ticket analogical like Megabus.com through Internet, pay bank card and you can print your flight ticket on printer :-). Price one flight to England (exclude airport charge / average 700 CZK) is 1,80 CZK up to 2000 CZK after booking minimal three month before flight. When you book ticket earlier in principle you have cheaper ticket. But it is sometimes unpredictable and uncountable e.g. before Christmas are tickets most expensive, in spite of this fact were tickets closer Christmas on the same price as usual. Sometimes low cost transport company can cancel your flight (when they don't have a full plane), so they can offer you new flight or return you your money. But problem is, that you booked next ticket (for coaches and buses and so on) so it is new problem for you :-) Other problem is, that low cost companies fly to the farther airports, and you have to pay extra money to get from aiport to city center, exist lot of bus companies but they are quite expensive. Stansted-Victoria station Terravision £8.50, National Express £10 etc. From Gatwick is similar to Victoria station about £6, but threatening is train Gatwick Express indeed takes 30 minutes but you have to pay £30! it is crazy.


Crazy journey to the UK


In any case don't try!!! Still good way is go to England with you comrade in truck, so if you have a friend who has home on wheels it is all right. Crazy are ideas to get UK by gasbag, in balloon, stowaway on fishing boat, on blow-up canoe Gumotex you can scull till you achieve english land. Next possibility to get english coast is swim across English Channel..., maybe you have your own crazy imaginations... :-)


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