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The Economy


The pound is a strong currency, despite of that you can buy groceries quite profitably – multibuy discounts, discounts of bread before the closing time and so on. It exists here a few interesting types of food sold as support food (beans, tin-cans …) it is cheaper to buy than in our country. Weekly you spend for food cca £ 18 - £ 30 for a person. Very cheap is clothing here. The electronics similarly as in our country a bit more expensive. But the rent here is hell-for-leather. Weekly you should have prepared cca £ 50 - £ 80 - £ 100 which is the price for one room in the shared house. So weekly you should count with expenses (very roughly calculated) cca £ 75 - £ 100. Your wages will cover without any problems your weekly expenses. The usual weekly wages is VERY ROUGHLY average cca £ 200 and you get it to your bank account each Friday. The non-taxable income is £ 95 for a week, if you do not earn more, you do not pay any tax.


Means of payment


It will be payed with pounds (£ = pound). The paper cash is in the nominal amount 5, 10, 20 and 50 pounds. The coins are much more miraculous. You will find them in the nominals 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 pence and pounds £ 1 and £ 2. Already for the first sight we called them „kopjejky“ (typical russian small coins). Imagine whoever wants can the paper cash write up with fix or pen and so they are often being beautified.


Quantity discounts

multi buy

It is very good that in the UK are quantity dicounts for the end customer labelled for example as „multi-buy, buy one get one free, half price“ and so on. An example can be the watermelons on the market – one „cantaloup“ originally from Brazil is for £ 0,80 two of them just for £ 1,2. Quantity dicounts are bargain-packages, and if you write now do not have taste for two watermelons, simply but them with your friends together.


The services

The things like food, clothing, drug-store are not as expensive, this doesnt apply by services at all. You will have to go deep into your pocket by paying of your rent, barbers – commen haircut for man at the barber costs £ 10, paying of food in the restaurant, speak nothing of the transport as in the city or between the cities, the train or bus transport … The services are simply compared to things manifold more expensive.


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