HH_DISPLAY_TOPICDisplays an HTML File, URL, or May be zero or a pointer to
HH_DISPLAYDisplays text from Text filename if textPoints to a
HH_SET_WIN_TYPECreates a new windowIgnored.Points to
HH_GET_WIN_TYPERetrieves the HH_WINTYPE Specifies the namePoints to the address
HH_GET_WIN_HANDLERetrieves the handle IgnoredPointer to the name
HH_SET_INFO_TYPESSets all theIgnored.Points to a HH
HH_SET_INFO_TYPESSets all theIgnored.Points to a
HH_SYNCSynchronizes theSpecifies the name of theSpecifies the
HH_ADD_NAV_UIAdds a navigationalAddress of an HhWinUnique nume
HH_ADD_BUTTONAdds a button to theAddress of an HhWinUnique numeric value
HH_KEYWORD_LOOKUPAttempts to find the given If NULL, the .HHK file Points to a string containing